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“Wow” is the Chinese word for “snail,” and “extract” is the correct expression for “essence.”

Snail, an iconic ingredient that appears in the ancient books of Dongui Bogam and Compendium of Materia Medica, has been forgotten for a good while. Recently, it has been called “Snail Extract” instead of “Wow Drink.”. When Himchanmaru discarded the Japanese name of “essence” and restored the old name of “Wow Drink,” the snail drink transformed into the top on-line product (based on the number of open market reviews). Consequently, various companies have started adding “Wow Drink” to product names and tags. Since Himchanmaru started using the original “Wow Drink” again, it has become the byword for the best “snail extract.”. Himchanmaru is famous for Wow Drink, which could be consumed as a health food before and after surgery and as energy food for those who do vigorous activities.

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  • Wow Drink

    Concentrated extract! 74% snail content!
    Snail packed with chondroitin!

    Snail is famous for its large amounts of chondroitin, which originates from the word “cartilage,” and mucin, which benefits the skin and strengthens immunity. The product also includes good ingredients that have synergistic effects with snail. Furthermore, athletes, celebrities, and patients frequently consume this product.

    Snail is a precious ingredient both in the east and west!
    Dongui Bogam lists the snail as a “wonder drug for joints,” and in the west, it is known as a “stamina dish for the night!”

    However, when the content is too high, the flavor is difficult to handle without the help of additives, making it hard for the body to consume. Fortunately, Himchanmaru has found the optimal mixing ratio through long-term research studies on chicken feet and snails. Himchanmaru’s “Wow Drink” is the best snail extract made with superior and proper techniques.

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  • Wow Drink Plus

    We added generous amounts of galangal, the ginseng of Thailand, for greater effect.

    Our “Plus” products, the premium line, is extra healthy thanks to the generous amount of galanga, which is widely used as a nutritious tonic and spice.
    Furthermore, we maintained Wow Drink’s unique flavor by slightly adjusting the mixing ratio.

    A “Plus” to the body!
    Try for two weeks to discover why it’s a “Plus” product is called.

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