• Patented Technology Optimal Mixing of Main and Herbal Ingredients
    Himchanmaru researches, manufactures, and sells health drinks and pills. In collaboration with the R&D team and partner research institutes, we study the compatibility of herbal ingredients, the positive change according to the mixing ratio, and the increase in functionality based on the extraction technology and manufacturing method. Through these efforts, we have many intellectual property rights, including technology transfers and patents. Ultimately, Himchanmaru strives to conduct research for continuous advancements.
  • Manufacturing Method Dedicated Manufacturing Method
    For health drinks, the extraction effects are maximized through a 30 hr low-temperature extraction and 36–48 hr (depending on the season) of brewing. Instead of simply brewing through heat, we manufacture our products for an extended period according to our patented extraction method and academic-industrial technology transfer. Moreover, we are also striving to improve our method (Transfer of extraction technology: Bio-Functional Food Department at Jeonju University). In the case of health pills, these products are manufactured at a special institution equipped with GMP facilities.
  • Fat Removal Equipped with Chicken Feet Fat Removal Technology
    Chicken feet, a dish served in diverse ways (achyranthes root chicken feet jelly, etc.) that are popularized through the media, contains a large amount of animal fat. As such, brewing it without removing the fat leads to high cholesterol. Unlike our competitors, Himchanmaru owns the recipe and technology for removing bad oil, which allows us to manufacture healthy drinks free from saturated fat. In short, Bongchu Drink has 0% cholesterol content (refer to the product display).
  • FDA Passed the FDA’s Strict Standards
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States is a historic and trustworthy consumer protection agency that ensures public hygiene in the production, distribution, and sales of products and suggests detailed regulations on food and products. Given this, consumers can trust that our products, which passed their strict tests, are reliable and safe.
  • ISO Certification Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000 Certification
    ISO 22000 is an international standardization for food safety that consists of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) principles, which manage the factors of all handling processes until the products reach the table.
  • Sixth Industry Certification Agricultural Company with Growth Potential
    The sixth industry refers to activities that create new added value centering on domestic agricultural production (primary) or processing (secondary) in connection with distribution and sales, experience, tourism, and service (tertiary). Food manufacturing is decided through a strict visitation evaluation, where over 50% of ingredients must be locally produced. As an excellent agricultural food company, Himchanmaru was selected as a sixth industry because of its use of domestic snails and its many herbal ingredients.