Bongchu drink

Carefully selected domestic chicken feet and premium ingredients! Superior benefits!

Bongchu? Extract?
“Bongchu,” meaning the chick of a phoenix, had been a polite way to refer to chickens since the ancient days. On the other hand, “extract” is the correct expression for “essence” (the Japanese expression for “extract”). “Bongchu Drink” is the name of Himchanmaru’s premium “chicken extract.” Chicken feet, low in fat and rich in protein, has appeared on television several times as a health food that nourishes the bones and joints. Since a long time ago, our ancestors have already been enjoying chicken feet as affordable health food. Besides chicken feet (100% domestic), Bongchu Drink also contains Achyranthes aspera, Allium hookeri, Safflower seed, Semen cuscutae, Artemisia campestris, Eucommia ulmoides, Ulmus macrocarpa, goji, Siberian ginseng, Crataegus pinnatifida, and Atractylodes macrocephala Koidzumi.

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  • Bongchu Drink

    Concentrated extract! 71% chicken feet content!
    Everyone who has made and tried chicken feet products will enjoy this product.

    Too much is as bad as too little.
    When the content is too high, the flavor is too strong, and the body won’t be able to handle the product. Through years of research, trials, and errors, Himchanmaru has found the optimal mixing ratio.

    Besides the main ingredient of chicken feet, famous for its collagen, the rest of the ingredients are also known for their outstanding effects.
    We have selected the best ingredients that exhibit synergistic effects when used with chicken feet.

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  • Bongchu Drink Plus

    We added generous amounts of galangal, the ginseng of Thailand, For a greater effect.

    Our “Plus” products, the premium line, is extra healthy thanks to the generous amount of galanga, which is widely used as a nutritious tonic and spice.
    Furthermore, we maintained Bongchu Drink’s unique flavor by adjusting the mixing ratio.

    A “Plus” to the body, adding health!
    Try it for two weeks to discover why it’s a “Plus” product.

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